Located on Front Street in Lahaina, Hawaii on the spectacular island of Maui. Bill Wyland Galleries showcases a wide variety of more than 25 world-renowned local and international artists. Owner and founder Bill Wyland hand selected the best new and established talent of the Pacific and placed them under one roof in the historic Lahaina theater building. The immense gallery now houses over 25 different world-renowned international and local artists. 

When visiting the gallery you can relax and enjoy everything from metalwork to oil paintings to Crayola crayon drawings and much more. Almost every Friday, you can personally meet our top artists for the Front Street Art Walk, like the Twins or Jeffrey Robert. Keep an eye on our upcoming events to see the artists that are coming up.   

Bill Wyland

Founder & Owner

Bill Wyland, the driving force behind the gallery’s operations, was born in 1958 in Dearborn, Michigan. He has three brothers, Robert, Steve and Tom, and without even lifting a brush, has given the family name presence in the art world. In the late 1980’s, William A. Wyland, known to most as Bill, opened his first gallery in Hawaii in the rustic town of Haleiwa on Oahu’s North Shore. That gallery was a showcase of another family member, Robert Wyland, the pioneer of the marine art movement. 

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P.O. Box 25065
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